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What you’ll need to get started with an SPP Individual Pension Plan:

How does the Saskatchewan Pension Plan work?

  • Any Canadian between 18 and 71 years of age can join
  • Choose how often and how much to contribute
  • Make monthly or lump sum contributions — the choice is yours
  • SPP is a tax sheltered investment option, so you pay less in taxes each year
  • No minimum yearly contribution
  • Professional oversight and expert fund management with an MER targeted at less than 1%
  • Contribute up to $6,200 annually (with available RRSP contribution room)
  • Your spouse can contribute to your account (if they have RRSP contribution room)
  • Transfer in up to $10,000/yr to your individual pension plan from other registered retirement investments
  • Begin receiving pension income anytime from age 55 to December of the year you turn 71

For each tax year, you can contribute from January to December, plus 60 days into the next year. Pension Plan contributions are locked in and earn interest until you retire.

In the event you die before retiring, the accrued pension funds will be paid to your beneficiary.

Watch the video below to learn about how to start your personal pension plan with SPP.

Saving for Retirement is easy!

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Pension Plan vs RRSP

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Choose the right investment option for you!

Balanced fund (BF)

Balanced fund (BF)

Turn a little into a whole lot. Consistently grow your investment with low to medium risk. Fund Facts for the Balanced fund can be found here.

Short-term fund (STF)

Short-term fund (STF)

Preserve capital through very conservative investments in Canadian money markets. Fund Facts for the Short-term fund can be found here.

Contributing to your Saskatchewan Pension Plan is easy!

Recurring pension contribution
Lump-sum pension contribution

Please have your account number handy when making any type of contribution to your individual pension plan.

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