Death Benefits

Active members

When you join SPP, you name a beneficiary for your account, which can be changed at any time. If you die before retiring from the Plan, the funds in your account are paid to your named beneficiary. If your beneficiary is your spouse or financially dependent child or grandchild, CRA allows for tax-deferred transfer options.


Retired members

If you die after you retire, the payment of death benefits depends on your annuity option. Each one of SPP's annuities treats death payments differently. You are entitled to pension payments up to and including the month of your death. See annuity options for more information.

Application for Death Benefits

Application forms for death benefits are available from SPP and most funeral homes in Saskatchewan. Other documents will be required along with the completed application. Please contact SPP for the documents that apply to your situation.

Family members can also use this form to notify SPP of a member's death.

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