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It's like planning a vacation—only better!

However you spend your days, wherever your job takes you, you’re working hard for a reason. You want to have the time and money to enjoy life and all the adventures it has in store for you.

With SPP, you can plan to enjoy yourself.

Why SPP?

It's pretty simple. The Saskatchewan Pension Plan (SPP) was made for you. By investing in SPP today, you can start saving for your future right now.

  • No sales force; fees to join; or fees to change your plan. Our fee structure can help you keep more funds in your pocket.
  • One low management fee of about 1% covers all professional and operating expenses
  • Solid returns
  • 28th largest defined contribution plan in Canada (Benefits Canada, September 2015)
  • Professional management
  • Tax-sheltered investment
  • Tax deduction
  • Simple payment options
  • Flexible payment schedule

Set your plan in motion

It’s time to join the 33,000 other people who are already saving for their future. If you’re between 18 and 71 and have available RRSP room, you’re eligible.

What happens next?

SPP will assign you a member number and you can begin to contribute to your SPP account using a credit card online, through online banking, by automatic debit from your bank account or credit card, or by sending us a cheque. No cash in the mail please.

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