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Saving for retirement is the clearest path to a bright future. Choose a retirement investment that’s as safe and profitable as it is affordable. Saskatchewan Pension Plan (SPP) offers people easy pension options with proven, consistent returns and low fund management fees.

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Your guide to upcoming CPP changes


In June 2016 federal, provincial and territorial finance ministers finally reached an agreement to expand the Canada Pension Plan. However, because the changes will be phased in over an extended period, there has been considerable confusion among many Canadians about how both CPP contributions and benefits will increase, and who the winners and losers will … Continue reading Your guide to upcoming CPP changes

Oct 16: Best from the blogosphere


There is nothing like curling up on the couch to watch a good movie on a chilly, autumn evening. Before you move on to Netflix, here are some great new personal finance videos that will educate and entertain you. In Money Left on the Table, Kerry Taylor, aka financial writer and blogger Squawkfox is interviewed … Continue reading Oct 16: Best from the blogosphere

How much should you contribute to your child’s education?


According to a May 2017 Globe and Mail Report average university/college tuition in Saskatchewan is over $7,000/year but you need to also factor in living expenses, books etc. And if your child is just starting kindergarten, it is not easy to predict how costs will escalate over the next decade or more. Many parents wisely … Continue reading How much should you contribute to your child’s education?

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2017 News & Updates

July Investment Update


The investment update to June 30, 2017 is now available.

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April Investment Update


The investment update to March 31, 2017 is now available.

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Media Release


March 1 RRSP deadline fast approaching: Saskatchewan Pension Plan Notes 60th Anniversary of RRSPs

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Member Statement Update


Issue with end balance date in Investment summary by fund section.

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February Investment Update


The investment update to December 31, 2016 is now available.

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