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Saving for retirement is the clearest path to a bright future. Choose a retirement investment that’s as safe and profitable as it is affordable. Saskatchewan Pension Plan (SPP) offers people easy pension options with proven, consistent returns and low fund management fees.

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Jun 18: Best from the blogosphere


A look at the best of the Internet, from an SPP point of view Workplace pensions disappearing, putting savings onus on you Writing in the Financial Post, Jason Heath notes that while most Canadian retirees think they saved enough for retirement (42 per cent said they had saved enough, 44 per cent wished they had … Continue reading Jun 18: Best from the blogosphere

Research suggests retiring early can extend your life


Retirement is a sort of grey area for most of us – a destination that we’d like to arrive at one day, but one we know very little about.  But research shows that life after work may have the hidden benefits of extending your life and boosting your health. A Dutch study, published in the … Continue reading Research suggests retiring early can extend your life

Jun 11: Best from the blogosphere


The pros and cons of annuities Annuities are usually insurance against something bad – but there’s a kind of insurance that you can look forward to, explains Moshe Milevsky, Professor of Finance at York University’s Schulich School of Business. In his YouTube video, Why Annuities Now?, Prof. Milevsky talks about how annuities are really insurance … Continue reading Jun 11: Best from the blogosphere

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2018 News & Updates

May Investment Update


The investment update to March 31, 2018 is now available.

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February Investment Update


The investment update to December 31, 2017 is now available.

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SPP contribution limit


Effective January 29, 2018, the annual maximum SPP contribution was raised from $2,500 to $6,000. This change applies for the 2017 tax year. Please see the limit announcement webpage.

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Launch of MySPP


MySPP is your opportunity to access personal account information in a secure, online environment.

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