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Saving for retirement is the clearest path to a bright future. Choose a retirement investment that’s as safe and profitable as it is affordable. Saskatchewan Pension Plan (SPP) offers people easy pension options with proven, consistent returns and low fund management fees.

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Consider volunteering to perk up life after work


Did you know that 47 per cent of Canadians volunteer their time to help others, donating an incredible 2 billion hours of work? Those figures are a bit old, from Statistics Canada in 2010, but that volunteer work constitutes “the equivalent of 1.1 million full-time jobs,” Sector Source reports. While seniors donate the most volunteer … Continue reading Consider volunteering to perk up life after work

Oct 15: Best from the blogosphere


A look at the best of the Internet, from an SPP point of view Boomer pension crisis is “here, and it’s real,” says survey Saving for retirement is a lot like eating your beets. You know they are good for you, all the literature talks up their benefits, and many say you’ll be sorry later … Continue reading Oct 15: Best from the blogosphere

Top ways to stretch that dollar


Whether you’re saving for retirement or are living on those savings, one thing’s for sure – the more you can stretch your spending dollars, the more you can save. Save With SPP took a look around the Interweb to see what the experts say about the spending side – or more particularly, ways you can … Continue reading Top ways to stretch that dollar

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2018 News & Updates

July Investment Update


The investment update to June 30, 2018 is now available.

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May Investment Update


The investment update to March 31, 2018 is now available.

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February Investment Update


The investment update to December 31, 2017 is now available.

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SPP contribution limit


Effective January 29, 2018, the annual maximum SPP contribution was raised from $2,500 to $6,000. This change applies for the 2017 tax year. Please see the limit announcement webpage.

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Launch of MySPP


MySPP is your opportunity to access personal account information in a secure, online environment.

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