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By making contributions from now until you decide to start receiving income from your account, you’ll see your investment grow. You have until the end of the year you turn 71 to start receiving your income from your account.

What does membership mean?

With a membership in SPP, your SPP account is tax sheltered, just like an RRSP. You are not required to make a minimum contribution every year, but you may contribute up to $2,500 per year as long as you have available RRSP room. Your spouse can also make contributions to your account if they have available RRSP room. In addition, you can transfer up to $10,000, in cash, per calendar year into your SPP account from existing RRSPs, RRIFs and unlocked RPPs.

You can make contributions from January to December, plus 60 days into the next year, for the current tax year. Contributions to your account are locked in and earn interest until you retire. If you die before you retire, the funds in your account will be paid to your beneficiary.

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Please have your account number handy when making any type of contribution.

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