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SPP is designed to assist people, just like you, who want a comfortable income during their retirement. Leave all your coulda‑shoulda‑wouldas behind and invest in your future the right way, right now.

Kick your savings into action

  • Choose how often and how much to contribute
  • Make monthly contributions or a lump sum—you choose!
  • You can contribute up to $2,500 each year
  • Pay less income tax each year you contribute
  • You can even transfer up to $10,000 to SPP from RRSPs you already have

It's your choice!

Balanced fund (BF)

Take a little and turn it into a whole lot. The goal is to accumulate capital consistently and with a low rate of risk.

Short-term fund (STF)

Something with a no-regret guarantee. The objective is to preserve capital through very conservative investments in Canadian money markets.

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Joining SPP is simple. All you need to do is download and complete the membership application form, which includes naming your beneficiary. Then attach proof of age—a photocopy of your birth certificate, driver’s licence or passport is perfect. Mail both to SPP using the postage paid label supplied. For step-by-step instructions on how to fill out the form, watch the video that’s posted below.

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