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Making your retirement better is our reason for being

Our philosophy is to invest cautiously over the long term. That makes Saskatchewan Pension Plan a good choice for anyone's portfolio, but especially for those with little or no investment experience.

We're celebrating our 30th anniversary! Lots has happened in 30 years but our focus is still on helping you have a comfortable retirement income.


Saskatchewan Pension Plan (SPP) founded through Saskatchewan provincial legislation


SPP head office moved from Regina to Kindersley, SK


New options for pension payouts added


Spousal contributions permitted


Annual contribution limit increased to $2,500. Members allowed to transfer in from existing RRSPs. Second fund for investment added.


SPP celebrates 30th anniversary with 33,000+ members, $450 million in assets — the 25th largest defined contribution plan in Canada!
Celebrating 30 Years

Our Trustees

SPP is totally funded by member contributions and investment earnings, and is administered by a Board of Trustees that includes Plan members. Our board consists of no less than three trustees, with at least one-third of them being Plan members.

Our Board has developed an investment policy that establishes qualitative and quantitative limits for investment managers to follow. The Board monitors the investment performance quarterly, reviews the investment policy at least annually, and reports to the Legislature in an annual report each year.

Since 1986, SPP has grown to $479 million in assets and 33,000 members. (View rate of return history)

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